Event date: 06.10.2017

Special exhibition: Double-agent Heinz Felfe discovers America

Photo exhibition 06.10.2017-07.01.2018

In the 1950s, the CIA supported a top-secret travel program that was specifically designed for high-up German intelligence agents. Once a year, German top-agents were invited on a CIA-funded tour through the North American continent, which was meant to both impress and instill a sense of connection to the United States. KGB-Double-Agent Heinz Felfe took part in 1956, equipped with a camera and a bathing suit.

The trip is excitingly documented with the help of numerous secret vacation photos taken by the agent as well as an original object from the trip in 1956.

10 AM – 8 PM
Where: Cinema in the German Spy Museum (Entrance through the museum shop)

Free admission

The Exhibition is in German.