Laser maze

You are a secret agent on a serious mission!

You have to be clever and fast to beat our maze of green laser beams and to make it all the way to the end.

It's up to you to complete the mission your way. You can jump, crouch or crawl through the maze in two minutes time, but you have to be careful - when you touch the beams – you are out!

Will you accept the challenge?

The laser maze is the sporty highlight at the German Spy Museum and an ideal competition for families, children birthday parties, school groups or team building.

Compete with your friends and compare your scores with the best participants before you. It is a fun and never-ending contest for both kids and adults.

Your mission will be recorded by an infrared camera and you can share your video with your friends. Be inspired by the videos of current missions.

Become a hero - Laser maze cinema-like

Actors like Catherine Zeta-Jones (Entrapment), Sasha Baron-Cohen (Ali G), Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible) und Vincent Cassel (Ocean’s Twelve) have already made their way through a laser maze, whereas James Bond (Goldfinger) was actually spared from ending his life by laser beams.

Just like in a movie you have to use your whole agility and flexibility to complete the mission.

Of course our laser maze has a clearance and is absolutely safe.


  • Location: first floor

  • Costs: without additional costs included in the entrance fee

  • Difficulty: 3 levels of difficulty for children, 3 for adults

  • Laser: laser class 3R, up to 40 static and 3 moving laser beams

  • Bonus: 2 bonus buttons, infrared video for sharing

  • Exclusively bookable for children birthday parties and a mobile laser maze available for children's festivals, events and marketplaces