Agentenausweis für Kindergeburtstage und Veranstaltungen

A little treat for every kid going through the laser maze: the Spy I.D.

The Famous Five, The Three Investigators, James Bond, Spy Kids – every child is fascinated by secret agents and detectives. Which teenager has not dreamt of going undercover? Why not spend your birthday with real spies, learn how secret agents actually work and how their role has changed over time. The German Spy Museum Berlin is a truly unique location for a birthday party.


Birthday parties for children over 9
A journey through three thousand years of secret hiding places.
People have always had secrets which they needed to hide. Find out about the exciting history of codes, ciphers and hidden cameras.

Birthday parties for children over 12
James Bond and the real secret agents
Everybody knows James Bond. But where did Ian Fleming get his ideas for the world’s most suave secret agent? Did people live such a spectacular life? This guided tour focuses on real agents and seeks to explain their motives.

Prices (from 8 paying children)

The »Quantum« package: 18.00 € per child

The »Gold Laser« package: 22.00 € per child

The »Museum Royale« package: 29.00 € per child


The »Museum Royale« package with pizza INSTEAD of cake: 29.00 € per child

The »Museum Royale« package with pizza AND cake: 33.00 € per child

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