Public events at the German Spy Museum Berlin

Sven-Felix Kellerhoff and Bernd von Kostka opened our new series of events with their book "Capital of Spies" in September 2016. Since then, we have regularly welcomed experts and contemporary witnesses for readings, discussions, lectures or premieres. Whether it's James Bond, the AIDS conspiracy, Facebook or Edward Snowden - any topic related to espionage, Big Data and data protection is regularly at home at the German Spy Museum.

Event date: 21.07.2022 19:00

The 23 July 2017

Panel discussion

On 23 July 2017, the Vietnamese secret service kidnapped Trinh Xuan Thanh in Berlin’s Tiergarten. On the fifth anniversary of the abduction, we try to find out what actually became of the abducted Thanh and what the political consequences were.