Event date: 20.06.2023 19:00

Concrete contemporary witnesses

Mysterious places of the Stasi and the Nazis

They often evade public perception, have experienced contemporary history, are monumental places and representatives of power – the contemporary witnesses made of concrete.

When in 1987 during demolition work in East Berlin the ruins of the Nazi bunker became accessible again for a short time, the architectural photographer Robert Conrad climbed illegally into the Führerbunker disguised as a construction worker. Conrad risked his freedom for this – today, with these pictures, he is the last contemporary witness of Hitler’s bunker. He continued, researched, researched and documented different and top-secret GDR facilities. Government airfields, restricted military areas where RAF terrorists were trained in weapons and explosives, news bunkers or secret Russian facilities.

Another contemporary witness made of concrete is the Stasi headquarters in Berlin-Lichtenberg. On October 6, 1962, the State Security used firearms here. A football club player was injured. Today, two eyewitnesses from back then tell us the whole and unbelievable story. An incident with the secret police, which, as in the town of Güstrow, could quickly end fatally.


Henry Berthy, contemporary witness
Günter Krause, contemporary witness
Robert Conrad, Architectural Photographer
Christian Halbrock, historian


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