Event date: 15.06.2023 19:00

AI and the German secret services

The cyber war and our infrastructures

Police forces and secret services in Germany use AI systems. For what, but should remain secret. There is hardly any risk assessment. Precisely where our potential fundamental rights could be affected, i.e. where the risks of incorrect use of AI are particularly high, parliamentary control and social debate are massively restricted. According to one politician, this contradicts the basic idea of ​​all recommendations of the bodies that have dealt with the ethical consequences of the use of AI.

The cybercrime scene is increasingly threatening companies in critical infrastructure. “Cyber ​​criminals are springing up like mushrooms.” There are more and more cyber crooks who share the workload.

A small selection of hacked companies and representatives in Germany 2022 makes it clear that nothing is spared, everything is attacked and blackmailed: Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Unfallkasse Thüringen, the ECB President, Continental, voice media group. 50 percent of all affected companies and organizations pay the demanded ransom. But the number of attacks on critical infrastructure is also increasing. Entire communities are being hacked and paralyzed, as the most recent example from the administration in Potsdam shows.
With proven experts, we try to get a picture of the situation, take stock and carry out an analysis. What can AI do and what protection does it offer the state and its citizens?

Gerhard Schindler, former BND President
Sandro Gaycken, Military Cyber ​​Expert/Monarch Founder
Konstantin von Notz, Politician Die Grünen
Prof. Dr. Helmut Müller-Enberg’s political scientist

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