Event date: 27.04.2023 19:00

1923 – Terminus. All aboard!

The world in turmoil

If you believe the prophecies of the French doctor Nostradamus, the year 2023 will not bring anything good. The year 1923 did not bring anything good. Nearly nothing. The world plunged into a global economic crisis, large parts of the German population became impoverished. Evil in the form of Adolf Hitler showed its face for the first time and the Hitler putsch took place. The state slid into a serious crisis. Today we have various secret services for all threats and crises. The German military secret service did exist from 1920, but little is known about what the »defense« was doing at the time.

The year 1923 was a fateful year for the Germans. “It’s the most exciting of many exciting years…”, as the writer Sebastian Haffner once described it. But little was known about what happened that year. The right to remain silent was enforced by the Ukrainian journalist Leo Lania. The Jewish journalist Leo Lanka goes undercover to the NSDAP headquarters to spy on what makes Hitler tick – the Günter Wallraff of the 1920s.

Now, after three years of extensive research, the historian Peter Süss has published the book »1923 – Endstation. All aboard!«. A book like a movie – unbelievable, like the whole unimaginable year.



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