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Interactive multi-media installations

Learn about the second-oldest job in the world using cutting-edge multi-media technology. 200 HD-Screens, 3D glasses and impressive projections enable you to immerse yourself in the world of spies and secret agents. Decipher a range of secret codes, negotiate the laser-beam obstacle course, see how secure your favourite password is and hack in to your favourite websites!

Laser Maze

Laserparcours Highscore

The ultimate secret agent training course: You must negotiate the laser beams without breaking them. A real challenge for young and old alike. Live-videos and high scores 

Encoding and decoding messages

You experience the working of the rotor-based cipher machine Enigma and communicate with other visitors using coded messages.

The Password Cracker

Internet espionage and data security are highly topi- cal issues. You can enter a password and find out how long it takes for the average hacker to crack.

Berlin Spy Map

Where did intelligence agencies carry out assassinations, exchange agents or perform other operations? Where were the Stasi safe houses in the Capital of Spies?

Hacking into a website

Approaching the matter in a hands-on fashion, the visitor can use this installation to learn of the pow- er of a new generation of agents – the hacker. The pictures and words on a website can be changed and replaced at will.

The Facebook-Puzzle

What does Facebook know about us? Do we still control our own data? Every completed part of the multimedia puzzle reveals what happens with our personal data on the world’s largest Social Media Platform.

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