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Event date: 22.05.2018 19:00

Stasi Worldwide

GDR Espionage from Albania to Great Britain

The Stasi was active from Albania to Cyprus, from Bonn to Washington. For the first time, an anthology has summarized the state of the research about the Stasi’s foreign work. The book premiere will be moderated by experts for the east and west, as the publisher discusses his work.

Event date: 21.06.2018 19:00

Berlin as area of operation

Past and future of the Berlin intelligence service

The intelligence service in Berlin was and is a peculiar, partly contentious outlier. How accepted is the intelligence service politically in Berlin? State secretary for home affairs, Thorsten Akmann, and a member of the German parliament, Renate Künast, discuss this question.

Event date: 28.06.2018 19:00

A Religious Secret Service

Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs

The documentary „Die Spitzel von Scientology – Der Sektengeheimdienst OSA“ is the first film in the world that goes into detail about the secret service of the Church of Scientology. Director Markus Thöß, along with a Scientology expert, illuminates the role of Scientology and their secret service OSA.

Event date: 05.07.2018 19:00

The Spider Web of Secret Services

Were Palme, Barschel, and Colby murdered?

The circumstances surrounding these three political deaths are still unclear to this day. A new book would like to find the answer. The authors have tapped into sources from secret services, interviewing intelligence officials in an attempt to connect the deaths to the Iran-Contra affair and a shadow war of the CIA.