Visitor guidelines during the Corona-Virus situation

The museum is open daily from 10am to 8pm.

No test is required!

With a floor space of 3,000 m² we can ensure safe distance between visitors. Entrance is only possible via a time-slot ticket: this will restrict visitor numbers and avoid queues.

Our measures

Restricted visitor numbers
Provision of
hygiene stations
Cleaning with long-acting disinfectants
Time slot tickets to avoid queues
Increased ventilation air changeover to avoid viral transmission

What you have to consider

Do not plan a visit if you are exhibiting symptoms of respiratory illness
Book contactless
online tickets
Maintain your distance from other visitors

Only enter the museum if wearing a medical mask (from age 6)

What is a time-slot ticket?

In response to the current public health situation, we have decided to restrict entrance through the use of time-slot tickets. A time-slot ticket entitles its holder to enter the museum on the date and during the fifteen-minute period stated on the card. Information regarding the time-slots available can be found in the online ticket shop.

Once having purchased a time-slot ticket, please arrive punctually: latecomers will not be granted entrance to the museum.

Once admitted, visitors can remain in the exhibition until 20.00